افغان موج   

The National Resistance Front Gains Momentum Speedily throughout Afghanistan.



he United States and NATO surrendered Afghanistan to Pakistan after their fiasco of twenty years presence in Afghanistan


Pakistan, which has no history for more than 70 years, brought a land with its 5000 years of history to its knees by its agents. Now one of its slaves is being tied to Kabul Palace by General Faiz Hamid, the intelligence chief of ISI. Our nation should be humiliated.  The ISI chief spent his days in Kabul at the Serena Hotel, meeting with celebrities from the Karzai and Ghani regimes, and has effectively taken over governing of Afghanistan. Pakistanis at home and abroad greet and rejoice in their victories by raising cups of tea and whisky.

Now the people of Afghanistan must rise around the country and drive the aggressors out of this land. In the current situation, the only window of hope for freedom and bright future is shining in Panjshir. We all need to stand up shoulder to shoulder with the National Resistance Front forces to defend our homeland, initiated in Panjshir.

Long-term US efforts and peace agreements with the Taliban in Doha led by Mullah Baradar, aimed at establishing a comprehensive transitional government and the dignified withdrawal of the US and its allies from Afghanistan, with a plan to hand over administrative units (districts and provinces), retreat and tactics. The Taliban were successfully reinforced with weapons and ammunition left over from parts to the gates of Kabul, and Khalilzad oversaw the process, so the Americans were confident that Kabul would not fall and that Ashraf Ghani, with the great resources at his disposal, would do well. It can defend Kabul for 4 to 6 months. That was a delusion to attract media attention, but an engineered collusion was going behind the scenes to deliver the power to Taliban, all the characters in the theatre show was assigned to perform their role, Ashraf Ghani the disgraceful puppet, Hamid Karzai, Zalmay Khalilzad, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and the others.

In the last minute, with the escape of Ashraf Ghani from Afghanistan and the arrival of the Taliban (Haqqani Group) with the help of the Pakistani ISI and his older brothers in Kabul (Ashraf Ghani and Hamid Karzai and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) the balance of power in Afghanistan changed nationally and internationally. But temporarily, the people of Afghanistan will not bow to ISI installed terror group in Kabul Palace.

Ashraf Ghani's escape and the entry of Pakistan's Taliban into the throne in Kabul palace, contrary to Doha's plans and programs, not only called into question the US credibility as the world's greatest power, but also hampered the withdrawal of US troops and allies. The tragedy in Kabul airport stands evidence. It is building and even changing the centre of gravity of the world in terms of strategic, political, economic, and geopolitical goals in favour of China, Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Not only is the United States experiencing defeat in Afghanistan, but it has also committed a grave sin against the people of Afghanistan when it signed peace agreements with the most vicious human rights violators (the Taliban) to undermine the freedom, democracy, and human rights of the Afghan people. He buried extremist Islamists such as the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was also cheered by internal victory and defeat, not because of his jihad and long political struggles, but because of his ethnicity and affiliation with the ISI of Pakistan. But Karzai and Abdullah were unwittingly captured by the Haqqani Group in the hope of realizing Doha's plans, and they are suffering under pressure from the ISI to do things that are detrimental to them.

Who are the Taliban and ISIS? Are they different in Afghanistan? The Taliban was first raised in the Pakistan Religious Schools (Madrasa) in 1994 at the behest of the  Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).The Taliban and ISIS are both Islamist extremist groups seeking to form authoritarian states under the name of strict Sharia law, but in fact they are used by foreign intelligence agencies as proxies  and prepared to use violence to achieve their aim under the banner of Islam, contrary to popular belief and the injunctions of the Holy Quran(the central religious book of Islam written in classical Arabic). They used to create violence and kills Muslims, their cruel actions are seen in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yamen, and all around the world.

The two forces, Taliban, and ISIS are propagandised as two different terror groups; however, they have fought side by side against the common people and want to dominate areas to launch attacks under the instruction of ISIS in the name of the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Afghanistan. They initially switched on to extend its geographical areas in Iraq and Syria. There was not any force by the name of ISIS in Afghanistan. The Haqqani terror group was actively operating in various parts of Afghanistan especially in Kabul for over a decade. They have acknowledged many times suicide bombing operations, explosions, and violence in Kabul. Haqqani is a mercenary of ISI and many times the Pakistani authorities called him as their hero.

Taliban are a Deobandi fundamentalist Islamist movement originating in Pakistan, the Taliban was led by Nasrullah Babur, the interior minister of Benazir Bhutto, the former assassinated prime minister of Pakistan. Then the Taliban have been directly conducting their operations under the supervision of ISI. The Madrasa are running and controlled by ISI which hired and backed    Mullah Mohammed Omar as a first leader of Taliban, conquering Kandahar and gradually many other parts of Afghanistan as a challenge to the Islamic State of Afghanistan, led by Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani. The Taliban established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and making Kandahar the capital. Following the 9/11 terror attack by Saudi and Egyptian al- Qaeda operatives of world trade twin towers in New York and the US invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext of bringing to justice those who committed crime. George W. Bush J. the then US president claim of bringing to justice the terrorists and their supporters who provided haven for terrorists after twenty years were nothing but devastating a nation, by installing corrupt regimes of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, one after the other in bogus   elections.

Afghanistan is again in a state of turmoil after the Taliban recaptured the capital city of Kabul on Sunday, declaring the country an Islamic Emirate once more after President Ashraf Ghani in secret deal with the Taliban, based on his ethnic tendency, handed over the presidential palace to Taliban and fled to United Arab Emirates. The operation followed swiftly after two years peace talk in Doha between US envoy and Taliban, the mercenaries of Pakistan. At the order of US president Joe Biden, the US troop exit coming almost 20 years after the US military drove the same faction out of Kabul at the outset of George W Bush’s War on Terror in response to 9/11 terror attack in New York.

“ISIS was first formed by Jordanian jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 1999 before rising to global prominence when it drove Iraqi forces out of key cities in the west of the country in 2014, declaring itself a worldwide caliphate. ISIS slowly conquered swathes of eastern Syria prior to surrendering Mosul and Raqqa in 2017 when international forces intervened.” Reports say.

It established the ISKP in the Nangarhar Province of eastern Afghanistan in January 2015, actively recruiting defectors from the Taliban, those who were displeased with their own leadership’s lack of victory on the battlefield. There is not any different between ISIS and Taliban in Afghanistan. They are both two different terror factions with the same ideology, Taliban has a white and ISS a black flag. When the Taliban was carrying a terror attack killing, maiming hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan or national troops combatants, the Afghan government led by the escaped president Ashraf Ghani, was saying, the ISIS did it. The Hezbe- Islami of Gulbuddin two years ago announced its alliance and support to Daesh. Now he is offering prayers for Taliban in Kabul Palace.

Taliban Claim after Entering Kabul Palace:

We would like to establish a broad-based government with the participation of all people in Afghanistan. Western media and certain circles were skreiching that Taliban has reformed, so they are not the same Taliban who were whipping women in public, shooting ladies on stadium grounds as they used to do twenty years before. They were banning girls’ schools and education and punished women in markets and in public scene without a close family member such as husband or brother. But within a week they exposed their real appearance again.

·       Started fighting in Panjshir.

·       Cooperating with other terror groups, dispatching them with their operatives to fight in Panjshir.


·       Stopped women from working and being seen in public.

·       Shooting on people at Kabul Airport.

·       Started dispute over power share, the ISI Director General visited leaders at the Kabul palace to settle deep divisions between Taliban groups because they have not been able to form a government so far. This is the reason why the Taliban are so dependent on Pakistan that even Pakistani intelligence must intervene to resolve their internal disputes. They cannot cover their face in the name of Islam that they are proxies at the service of aliens.

·       Not being able to announce their government.

·       Not being able to pay the salary of government employees,

·       Chasing and harassing the former government employees at various sectors including education, public service, banning freedom of speech and destroying media outlets, banning music, with many incidents of shooting and killing, looting, usurping public property.

·       Attacking protesters in Kabul. The women were attacked as the used to do twenty years ago.  The women protesting for freedom were hit with butt and whiplash. Kabul women's street protests the occupation of the capital by Taliban terrorists, the Pakistani proxy mercenaries, were met with gun butt. Women strongly protested the strict rule, dominance, and savagery of the Taliban without fear. Popular resistance is spreading.

·       Taliban are faced with challenges for applying the laws of their medieval times. They can only apply it in their own areas as per their own nonsensical Islam narrow minded vision, keeping their people remain in the ignorance of eternity.

·       In the presence of the Taliban, created by Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, conspiracy of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and Britain to play big games, peace, tranquillity, education and equality of women's rights, progress is nothing but an ideal. It is foolish to expect progress and peace from the suicidal group master minders.

Two years after Mullah Omar's death in Punjab Prison, an ISI officer regularly was using decrees on his behalf. So far, no one has seen Mulla Haibatullah, the leader of Taliban. It seems that like the absence of Mullah Omar, an ISI officer will be acting and issue orders in his name.


Continuing, strengthening, and supporting the national resistance will ensure the establishment of a comprehensive government, the defeat of terrorist groups and the behind-the-scenes Qatari engineers’ program, both domestic and foreign. Wild beasts will never be domesticated. The face of the terrorist forces under their own false Islam has been exposed within a short time to the people of Afghanistan. The Taliban, who came to power because of a secret agreement between Ashraf Ghani, the fleeing national traitor, and the ISI, mediated by Khalilzad, will soon be defeated due to popular discontent, national resistance, and a lack of global recognition or Afghanistan will be disintegrated, if there is not any more option left.

What will be the Taliban development plan?

They have not any idea of development plan but just killing, bullying, and intimidating people, the women. Their past program was and will be still the same are shaving is forbidden. Women must wear headscarf and full cover head to toe with burqa, covering their faces, just blinking their eyes like ghosts.  Girls should only do religious education up to year 6 and they should get married at the age 13 or 14. Patients go to the religious leader to pray upon them to recover from disease and get well.  Music is forbidden. Playing flute is illegal and is considered the voice of devils. What a comedy! Does not it make you laugh?

Why the Taliban have been able to announce their government within two weeks?

The Taliban are divided into three groups.  Struggle for power is going on between Durani Taliban Faction and Ghiljaei faction. The first difference is the where the Capital should be Kabul or Kandahar, the Durani faction wants it to be in Kandahar and Ghiljaie insists to be in Kabul.

According to Euro news, the Taliban have been in power in Afghanistan for more than 15 days, but there are many challenges facing these extremist Islamists in establishing and running a government. People from Kabul reports about struggle to gain all-out power in the future government of Afghanistan is going on among various factions of Taliban.

The dispute for power is mainly between Haqqani Network Taliban leader, one of the most powerful members of the Taliban in the war, and Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, the son of Mullah Omar, the group's founder.  The forces loyal to Mullah Yaqub control Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan, and the Haqqani network oversaw terror operation in Kabul.

The emergence of two groups in the Taliban-led government, one pro-Durrani Pashtuns, consisting of figures from Kandahar, and the other one Ghiljaei pro-Pakistani group, consisting of the Haqqani network. The two tribes of Pashtuns were historically in conflict over power.

The report says that other differences within the Taliban: for example, Mullah Yaqub believes that leaders responsible for war operations should rule Afghanistan, not those engaged in diplomacy, while Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was the founder. The group takes the opposite position.

Reports shows that Mullah Yaqub has explicitly stated that those living in luxury in Doha could not dictate conditions to those fighting the US-led occupiers.

Hasn't the Haqqani criminal group destroyed thousands of men, women, and children in this country by suicide and bombing? And now he becomes Amir Al-Momenin (the Caliphate of Muslims) in Kabul Citadel?



Is the situation in Afghanistan complex? No doubt about it, the complexity of situation in Afghanistan has been crystallized by a few unknowns, external and internal factors.

A united and proud nation needs national unity. National unity is possible when there is someone at the top of the system who is a real representative of people not a fake and puppet, foreign spies, and agents, and not affiliated with foreign intelligence networks. Defend the national interests of the country decisively. To ensure social justice and to attract the cooperation of all the people of the country, to pay honest and practical attention to all, without discrimination, an inclusive government all consider themselves partners in power. Also not accused of human rights violations, corruption, murder and embezzlement, rocket launcher on Kabul citizens, conspirator, incitement to religious-ethnic instability, language and race, usurpers of public property, land, and personal property. ‌

To ensure social justice, do not withhold any necessary attention favouritism outside the law.  The leader can play a constructive role in achieving the lofty goals of the country, including, national unity, social justice, national interests, the rights of citizens without any ethnic or racial and religious affiliations.

Afghanistan, the myth of the majority and ethnic minority is an absurd claim that has been propagated by the colonialists and their supporters and puppets for the perpetuation of oppressive regimes.

In my opinion, complaining is not necessary to get out of the current crisis, but it requires unity of action and national forces, and determination in this regard.

All the differences should be put aside. But it is difficult for the people who are in power. History of this nation is an evidence, based on revenge upon revenge. People like Zalmay Khalilzad, who is one of the failed US envoys should be sacked from interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs. He is well known as agent of Unocal   Gas and petrol consortium; he should not be allowed to play on the fate of Afghanistan anymore. It is a mistake to test the tried one. Do not Khalilzad's collaborators know that he has been the "mastermind" of the ongoing crisis since the Bonn Conference? Did he not play a role in creating the most corrupt mafia imported system? Now is the time to avoid all options to neutralize his role as he did in stabilizing the fascist-Ghani regime, and not to give him a chance to save the crippled system from certain death by massaging and injecting oxygen and artificial respiration to favour Taliban any longer.

A regime that's composed of Pakistani operatives, such as the Taliban or Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, of its right-wing and left-wing allies, will have an ethnic and tribal policy that will pave the way for lasting unrest in Afghanistan. The continuation of such a situation is in the interests of the west to create impediments to China’s ambitious silk route. That is why after the Taliban in Kabul Daesh appeared and Panjshir was attacked by the Taliban from Kabul Palace and their close associates Daesh.

 The United States will not replace Pakistan with Afghanistan at any cost and will always have Pakistan as a strategic partner in achieving its goals in the region to confront its regional and international rivals. But that will be a great mistake. Pakistan has close contact with China.

Supporting the National Resistance Forces to ensure peace in Afghanistan will be for the interest of stable peace in the region and around the globe. The terror groups will only serve to maintain haven for terrorists in Afghanistan, moreover they will serve creating more terror groups which the whole world will be touched upon.

The people of Afghanistan have no choice but to get out of this dilemma except with the help of patriotic, minus opportunistic, and fragmented traders. This desire is the current ruling ideal that can be formed with the awakening of the young generation and national unity. To prevent the current miserable situation from continuing.

Those who suffer the most from the arrival of the Taliban:

It is debatable which groups will be most harmed or at least harmed by the Taliban domination, but the following groups will be affected one way or another are the four major layers of society.  

1.    Government forces will be the most accessible target for these injuries. The high-ranking and middle-ranking Afghan leaders, on the other, has led to It will be easier and more justifiable to target this spectrum.

2.    Individuals who have worked with US and NATO forces in any way. This spectrum will be greatly harmed by the label of betrayal and cooperation with infidels, which is a valid label in the traditional Muslim society of Afghanistan.

3.    The non-Pashtun ethnic groups that are ethnically-racially or religiously aligned with the Taliban. Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks fall into this category. The Hazaras and Tajiks are potential rivals to the Pashtun-born Taliban, given their significant population. But in the meantime, the situation of the millennials seems to be more complicated and more vulnerable. Because the Uzbeks and Tajiks, despite their racial and ethnic differences, are Sunnis, the Hazaras, in addition to the ethnic-racial differences, are also religiously aligned with the Taliban, because the majority of the Hazaras are Shiites. Of course, external variables can affect the Taliban's treatment of these tribes.

4.    The fourth layer includes the young population, women and people accustomed to two decades of democratic Afghanistan (with all its weaknesses and shortcomings). Young people who were born and raised during the two decades of democratic Afghanistan, or who have spent most of their lives in those two decades, have a different identity and culture than what the Taliban represents. This confrontation, especially with a generation that has virtually no experience since the first Taliban rule, will be very troublesome for the Emirate of Taliban, analysts believe unanimously.

What is Afghanistan's revenue from narcotics?

According to data collected over the past few years, up to 90% of the world's heroin is produced in Afghanistan. Revenue from narcotics cultivation and trade in Afghanistan in 2017 is estimated at between $ 4 billion and $ 6.6 billion. This number is important because we know that the country's total GDP is about $ 20 billion and shows that a significant part of the country's income comes from drugs.

In recent years, the Taliban have also made good money from drug trafficking. According to one estimate, the Taliban earned $ 400 million from the drug trade between 2018 and 2019, which is a good income. Such revenue and trade are so sweet that it could cause another problem for neighbouring countries.

Understanding demographic dimensions

According to the latest estimates provided by the Afghan government, the population of this country is 32 million and 900 thousand people and 71% of this population lives in villages and 24% in cities and 5% are nomads. The interesting thing about Afghanistan's population is that about 67 percent of the country's population is under the age of 24 and about 47 percent is under the age of 15, and we will probably see a strange population growth in Afghanistan in the coming years.

This population window, which has opened in Afghanistan, could send a flood of migrants to neighbouring countries in the next 10 years. Many analysts, when analysing the situation in Afghanistan, forget that about two-thirds of Afghanistan's population is under the age of 24, so moving the country based on emotions is not implausible.

Why is Afghanistan important?

The main question is why the United States fought there for nearly 20 years and finally decided that it was better to leave the region? Afghanistan seems to have been very important from a socio-economic and political point of view.

If the affairs of the country are not managed with tact, self-sacrifice, and mutual acceptance. The menace of civil war threatens the people of this country and will impact the whole region including the western nations who were present in this country for twenty years not the longest US war but the prospicient strategic occupation, the people of Afghanistan paid the price for the game.

 Taliban confront enormous challenges

The Taliban are also facing the international community, the region, and its neighbours, all of whom are calling for an inclusive national government with the participation of all Afghans.

If this group fails to meet the demands of the international community, the countries of the region and its neighbours, it will face the challenge of legitimacy and recognition of its government, in which case they will encounter many problems.

Ø Lack of trust in public opinion

Most of Afghanistan's educated and middle-class citizens have no confidence in the Taliban. Many of them experienced the catastrophic Taliban’s rule between 1996 and 2001. An era in which the Taliban, known as the "Religion and Sharia of Islam," marked a dark day for women, ethnic and religious minorities, the opposition, and intellectuals.

Working women, as a large part of society, were shut down due to the Taliban's fear home schools were organised secretly. At the same time, many ethnic minorities, intellectuals, and protesters were suppressed or executed. Twenty years later, the Taliban claim to have changed and to respect the rights of residents and women. Taliban leaders have also stated that they want an inclusive government of all ethnicities and religions. Many ethnic minorities are sceptical of the Taliban's new claims, saying they have not seen any change in the Taliban's behaviour in practice.

Ø Economic and human crisis

Afghanistan is one of the richest countries in the world but still suffering from poverty and starvation. After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, a lot of foreign aid was given to the country for reconstruction, but due to severe government corruption, many of these grants were not spent properly. In 2020 alone, international aid accounted for 40 percent of Afghanistan's GDP.

Now, with the Taliban regaining power, much of that aid has been suspended. The Taliban do not have access to a significant portion of the Central Bank of Afghanistan's money because the money is stored outside Afghanistan.

Apparently, the White House has already announced that it will suspend Taliban access to Afghan government property in the United States. For this reason, it is unclear how the ruling Taliban will be able to raise the necessary funds to run the country. However, their main source of revenues is obtained from narcotic drug dealings.

The United Nations says the Taliban's annual income, much of which comes from drug trafficking and crime, is between $ 300 billion and $ 1 billion a year. An income that will be like a drop in the ocean against the real expenses of the Afghan government. It is not without reason that the United Nations predicts that we will see a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan in the coming weeks and months.


Ø Brain Drain

Aside from the economic crisis, another challenge facing the Taliban is brain drain. Lawyers, government employees and experts, technicians, experienced doctors and nurses, and university professors are all either fleeing Afghanistan or have already left the country.

Although the Taliban have suspended the permission of Afghan citizens to leave the country, the lack of skilled personnel in various areas of the administration seems to complicate the Taliban's work. Will ISI replace them with Pakistani people?

Ø Diplomatic isolation

Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China and Qatar, as regional powers and supporters of the Taliban that have held talks and meetings with the group in recent months, have not yet recognized the group's rise to power.

Many European countries that had an active presence in Afghanistan before the Taliban have recalled their ambassadors from Kabul and suspended all diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. France, Canada, and many western countries have already announced that they will not recognise the government of Taliban.

Ø Terrorist threats

Many Afghans believed that with the rise of the Taliban, at least we would no longer see terrorist threats and attacks in the country.

But a suicide attack on Kabul airport that killed more than 150 Afghans completely disproved the hypothesis.

The Khorasan-based Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was at war with the Taliban. At the same time, it should be noted that many extremists Islamist groups inside and outside Afghanistan have congratulated the Taliban on coming to power. Afghanistan under them will be harbouring all terrorists from around the world. It will be a vicious circle of the same game which has been going on for four decades.

Now the Taliban, once considered the biggest terrorist threat in Afghanistan and the world, must protect the lives of Afghan citizens from the terrorist threats of other Islamist groups. Sounds strange and impossible.



Ø Famine and rising poverty threaten Taliban power

According to the BBC, Afghanistan is facing a hunger crisis and this issue has become a serious challenge for the Taliban. Outside the capital, humanitarian organizations have warned of an impending catastrophe due to widespread drought.

The drought has severely affected farmers and the poor, forcing them to invade cities, and foreign donors are unsure who to turn to for help.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called for a $ 300 million budget to help the Afghan people in an emergency, citing the country's millions in crisis.

A senior UN official also warned that Afghanistan's food supplies could run out in September this year. About a third of Afghanistan's population people face an "emergency" or "critical" level of food insecurity, and with the onset of winter after a severe drought, more money is needed to feed people, said Ramiz Alakbarov, the organization's humanitarian coordinator.

Although the UN World Food Program has distributed food to tens of thousands of Afghans in recent weeks, Ramiz Alkbarov says only 39 percent of the total $ 1.3 billion needed to provide food and aid to its people has been received.

Ø National resistances front not accepting the Taliban dominated government.  Afghanistan’s brave insurgents in Panjshir province have challenged the Taliban's illegitimate rule. Intra-ethnic divisions in the division of power and the crisis of legitimacy are major problems for the Taliban, who suffer from the ISI domination.

The national front spokesman said, “The Taliban announced yesterday that they had launched attacks on resistance centres in Panjshir and Andarab due to the failure of talks with the Afghan National Resistance Front. The truth is that the Taliban had launched attacks on Andarab and Panjshir before the announcement.

The result of the talks, from the Taliban's point of view, was to allocate one seat out of twelve in council of administration to the Afghan National Resistance Front, while we sought to create a better future for all people of Afghanistan irrespective of ethnic , gender and sex and religious affiliations. We are not seeking for our personal or group interests.

In decades of struggle, we have always believed that there is no military solution to Afghanistan's problems, yet now that the Taliban have chosen the path of war, we declare that we will defend our people and our land with all our might until we ensure the rights of the Afghan people and the bright future of our land. We will continue to resist from the centre of national resistance in Panjshir and Andarab, and soon with the expansion of resistant fronts to other parts of the country with the support of our people who do not accept Taliban rule at any cost. We will get rid of the existing problems.” But the Taliban attacked with heavily armed forces on Panjshir, along with Pakistani ISI military forces in the name of Taliban. They were defeated, many of them were killed, injured, and imprisoned.


The ISI Director General, Mullah Faiz Hamid, the Pakistani regional terrorist leader, has come to Kabul to dress up his Taliban mercenaries to prove to the world that Pakistan has now come to Kabul without the permission of the government.”



The national resistance in Panjshir changed the headlines of the world press and media. There is no more talk of the Taliban winning. So, Pakistan stated to bomb Panjshir, as a result many innocent civilians including a popular journalist Mr. Dashti was martyred.

In intelligence games: The situation in Panjshir dragged Pakistani intelligence chief Gen. Mullah Faiz Hamid to Afghanistan. This is not an image. It is a real show.


When you go deep into the subject, go into Panjshir. All the instruments of the Pakistani (ISI) intelligence conquests and victories in the occupation of Afghanistan, with all their regional pride and ambition in the war against Panjshir, were overthrown by the brave men of Afghanistan. It worth repeating that the resistance in Panjshir trampled on the honour and dignity of the ISI, wiped out the Taliban victory from the world press and media, and made headlines in the world news and social media in Afghanistan.

General Mullah Faiz Hamid, Pakistan's intelligence chief, will spare no effort to protect Pakistan's eyebrows. With the defeat of the national resistance that will never happen.

People's slogans in Afghanistan!

The Independence of the people of Afghanistan is at risk.

Hoping for the victory of the Afghan people and the defeat of Pakistan.

Defending and supporting the National Resistance Front is Defending its territorial integrity and national independence against Pakistan and its proxy mercenaries, the Taliban, and ISIS. The defenders of mercenary’s shame on you, curse on you


By Fateh Sami